It All Started with Blues Clues

Tonight I was annoying Sam. Which is not hard to do. This time it was by singing the Blues Clues theme. Paul and I have been sniggering over the recent satirical movie trailers for Blues Clues and Dora, which is why the theme was in my head. And Sam was shouting "Quit quoting mom!". We tell him to quit quoting about a dozen times a day. So the irony is not lost on me.

But I told him why Blues Clues is so important to me. How the first thing he ever drew were the clues from BC. How it gave us insight into the mind of our silent little boy. How he would choose the PECS for his favorite BC episode from the velcro strip on the TV and this was his first language. His first way of communication. And this is why Blues Clues is so important.

"And now I play MindCraft."


And in a gentle, encouraging tone, as if talking to someone with especially slow processing skills, my lovely son said "Maybe someday I can teach YOU to play MindCraft, mom."

Yeah, maybe Sam.


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