I'm Just Not That Sorry for You

I am sick of apologizing to you for autism.

I have spent years saying things like "I'm sorry you were disturbed, he has autism." "I'm sorry you were offended my little boy took his swim shorts down and your grandaughter saw his butt." "I'm sorry your dinner was disturbed by his loud humming." "I'm sorry you were subjected to an hour of talking about Nintendo and gambling."

The fact is, I just don't give a fuck about you anymore. I'm done feeling sorry for you.

Probably because I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself.

Or, more honestly, I'm just not giving a rat's ass about you and your feelings anymore.

Because for every scream during dinner, every irritating hum, every repetitive comment on Nintendo, I've had a thousand.

And frankly, I'm not the asshole that you are now for complaining to me about it.

You were bothered at dinner for maybe 45 minutes. You were bothered for a three hour airplane trip.

And now you are going home to your quiet sanctuary of a house so you can call your friends and bitch about me and my kid.

I am going home to my kid. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For the rest of my life as far as I know.

And that trauma that your grandaughter had from seeing my kid's cute butt? Really?! Get the fuck over it.

Because I'm just not that sorry for you. Or her.


  1. i've never apologized ever. i will explain though and don't give a damn what they choose to think after that.

    1. Yes, mostly I say "HAHA, that's autism for you!"

  2. Oh dear, sounds like you were having a really bad day when you wrote this? I probably apologise too much myself...

  3. Great post and very well said

    I apologise for my kids I wish I could stop it .

  4. It isn't just Autism! I apologise for my daughter who is hearing impaired "sorry she didn't know you were talking to her" "Sorry can you repeat that she didn't hear you"

    I think you get to a point and think why am i apologising they can not help it but they can be more understanding.



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