Bullying and Me

Bullying is when someone (the bully) does something to another person (the victim) to hurt him.

Bullying might be hurting physically (hurting the body--like hitting or tripping someone) or hurting emotionally (making fun of someone to hurt their feelings or making them afraid.)

Bullying is a way to control other people and makes the bully feel strong and powerful. It makes the victim feel powerless and afraid. Bullying is wrong no matter who does it. A bully can be someone you respect, even an adult, like a teacher.

Physical bullying is when someone hurts you to make you do what they want. Another way to physically bully someone is to take their things and break them or not give them back. Some people may accidentally break your things, and that is just an accident. But if they did it to hurt you on purpose, that is bullying.

Verbal bullying is using words to hurt someone. Making fun of the way you act or calling you stupid or retarded is bullying. A teacher can say “You didn’t do well on this paper, you need to try harder” and that is trying to help, not bullying. But if she said “You are too stupid to understand this” that is bullying. Saying bad things about you to other people is bullying too.

Intimidation is when someone threatens to do something that would hurt you. It might be physical, like telling you they’ll beat you up if you don’t do something. Or it might be verbal, like threatening to tell on you. Or threatening to say bad things about you, if you don’t do what the bully wants you to.

Hazing is when people tell you to do things so you can be part of their group. The things you are told to do might get you into trouble (like kissing a girl who doesn’t want kissed, or pulling your pants down.) Or it might hurt you (like drinking alcohol or running in the road.) Hazing is often a way to make fun of you, and people don’t like you more if you do it.

Bullying is ALWAYS wrong. If you think you are being bullied, you should say “NO” and tell an adult. Ask the adult what they think. Adults are not always right. If you still think you are being bullied, you should tell a parent and tell another adult. If you are afraid or getting hurt, you should always do something.


  1. Bullying is just awful. My ASD son was bullied horribly on the bus. When the school repeatedly refused to address it, I had to remove him from the school and homeschool him. When your 6 year old comes home, though, and tells you that he just wants to die, then you have to take drastic measures.

  2. Since Sam has been bullied by teachers as well, I wanted to include that. Because in the past, since adults are the gods, it was impossible to get him to admit that the adult could be at fault.

  3. Thank you, good social story. Definitely teachers can be bullies.

    I am homeschooling my ASD grandson who was bullied every day in kindergarten until we withdrew him. Catrina, it's not a drastic measure--it's a better education, and more opportunity for positive rather than negative socialization.


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