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An Open Letter to the Psychologist Who denied my Son's Hours

Dear Dr A
I'm not sure if you remember us. I expect you are very busy denying lots of requests at the end of the year.  It is such a pattern for your agency that I'm pretty sure you must earn a bonus. Use it wisely!  So, anyway, I'll remind you about us.
We requested eight weeks of an extra ten hours per week to help our 16 year old son with autism adjust to his first year of high school, and his first year of cyber school. We explained that he hadn't been able to school at home because of his brother, who is more affected by autism. So we made all the accommodations we could. I took him to my office. I help him between work and after. I love helping him with algebra, since that is my personal favorite. But explaining metaphors and racism in ways he can begin to understand is a huge joy to me.  It made all the loss of personal time worth it.
But he was still having trouble. His live lessons are in the morning, when I am busiest at work. In case you don't understand au…