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Holidays: Why Halloween sucks sometimes

All parents have an idea of the traditions they will pass on to their kids.  The excitement leading up to Christmas and opening presents.  The trick or treating and getting to as many houses as you can in your allotted time.  The chasing across a field to get as many eggs as you can, maybe get a special egg that wins a prize.  Watching fire works on the Fourth.  Going on picnics in the summer and sledding in the winter.  Bonfires and Haunted houses in the fall.  So many fun things we did as kids that we can't wait to share with our kids.

And then our kids are born.  And they don't even vaguely fit into the mold we imagined. 

They are overwhelmed by crowds and changes in routines.  They can't envision the future and aren't excitedly enjoying the holiday buildup. 

They hate any clothes but comfy ones.  Dress up pictures and costumes are out. 

They don't want to or can't say "Trick or Treat" and don't understand going from door to door and never goin…

Level 1 Grievance

***** We are going to level 1 grievance to request that the TSS (therapeutic support staff) hours be increased. We had asked previously and were denied. Thus, the grievance. No one from CCBH showed up to the first meeting. They read the report and denied it. Now they are calling it in on a phone conference. If we had wanted an in-person meeting (of course we WANTED it) we would have had to drive almost 2 hours. I fully expect we will have to go to level 2 and bring a lawyer. This just REALLY aggravates me. But here is the report we will read. ******
Sam is in the ninth grade.  This year he began to attend cyber school for the first time.
Our reasons for entering him in cyber school are varied, but include: increased ability to work on executive functioning skills.  His assistance at school was so patchwork - aides, TSS and, at times, nothing - that essential information was not getting home in time for us to work with him on building the skills that will lead to independent comple…

Enough Butt-hurt to go Around

I've been reading some BS on the webs about how some parents of kids with autism have some butt-hurt because they don't have the kids they wanted. And from the way it's worded, it sounds like it's most of us. So I wanted to put it out there what I'm butt-hurt about. I'm hurt that my kid hurts himself. I'm hurt that he hurts others. I'm hurt that other people, both peers and adults (HELLOOOOO asshole teachers) bully my child and think he is less than respect-able. I'm hurt that people assume my kids are not able because they have a difference. I'm hurt that their lives will be limited by that, in some way. And already have been (like not invited to their class parties, hmmm?) I'm hurt that my kids are not always able to speak for themselves. I'm hurt that my kids cannot choose for themselves. And, I'll admit to some butt-hurt that my life is often difficult because I put my kids' needs ahead of my own (I really, really miss sleep. A…