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10 Things I like about being a parent of autism

1. My eyes are wide open to miracles. Where other people miss their child's accomplishments, my children's come so slowly and are so desired that when they happen, they are celebrated. As they should be.

2. I can delay or avoid empty nest syndrome. While other parents are getting all sniffly about their child going off to college, I am not sure if my children will EVER be able to leave home. If they ever do, I am sure it will be hard, as I have always had a hand in everything they have done. But it will be celebrated as the miraculous milestone that it is.

3. We go to the head of the line. My kid with ADHD goes through the lunch line first, because otherwise he dances around and people are clobbered by his swinging arms. And when we go to amusement parks we get those great armbands that, if Nathan doesn't rip them off, get us out of waiting for hours.

4. I don't have to go to interminable sports games and sit in the cold/heat/rain/other weather. My kids suck at th…

Being Sick

Sometimes I feel sick. Sometimes my head hurts. Sometimes my nose is stuffy or dripping with snot. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach.

Being sick to your stomach is called NAUSEA.

When I am nauseated, I don’t feel like eating. Sometimes I even feeling like throwing up. The medical word for throwing up is VOMIT.

When I feel nauseated, I should tell an adult. At home, I can tell mom or dad. At school, I can tell Ms. Craig or a teacher.

Sometimes the nausea is just a little bit. Sometimes it is really bad and I want to vomit.

When I think I might vomit, I should go straight to the bathroom so I can vomit in the toilet. If there is time I should tell an adult first. If there is not time to tell anyone, I should go straight to the bathroom.

Sometimes it happens too fast and there is not time to make it to the bathroom. In that case, I should throw up in a trashcan.

Being sick is yucky. But I can be responsible and let adults know I am sick. And I can throw up in the appropriate plac…