Being Sick

Sometimes I feel sick. Sometimes my head hurts. Sometimes my nose is stuffy or dripping with snot. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach.

Being sick to your stomach is called NAUSEA.

When I am nauseated, I don’t feel like eating. Sometimes I even feeling like throwing up. The medical word for throwing up is VOMIT.

When I feel nauseated, I should tell an adult. At home, I can tell mom or dad. At school, I can tell Ms. Craig or a teacher.

Sometimes the nausea is just a little bit. Sometimes it is really bad and I want to vomit.

When I think I might vomit, I should go straight to the bathroom so I can vomit in the toilet. If there is time I should tell an adult first. If there is not time to tell anyone, I should go straight to the bathroom.

Sometimes it happens too fast and there is not time to make it to the bathroom. In that case, I should throw up in a trashcan.

Being sick is yucky. But I can be responsible and let adults know I am sick. And I can throw up in the appropriate places.


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