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Why I got a diagnosis for my kid with Asperger's

Bemusedly, I have watched the debate over whether the kids with higher functioning autism should be diagnosed and/or treated. Whether they are stealing services that should be used for lower functioning kids or stealing money from normal kids who deserve to have more of an already over-stretched school budget. Whether over-zealous parents want their kid's every quirk ironed out. My first two boys couldn't have been mistaken for high functioning. Although my oldest now has language, his speech has that odd autistic quality, he perseverates on favorite topics, he stands too close and forgets common social rules (burping and farting loudly in a restaurant are just not acceptable.). My middle son. Let's just mention that at 11 his language is just emerging. He bites and hits himself, sometimes others. So a diagnosis for either boy was not optional.

Then comes boy #3. Speech at all the right times. Likes his bedtime story. Sleeps with a whale and penguin. Talks about adoptin…