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How to Talk to Girls

I am starting puberty. One of the things that happens during puberty is feeling attracted to people. I find I am attracted to girls and want to talk to them. I think they are cute, and I think their bodies are attractive. However, some things are appropriate to say to girls, and some things ARE NOT. If I say things that are NOT appropriate to girls, it will make them feel bad or mad. Or even scared. And I might get in trouble.

So it is important to find out the right things to say to girls. And what I shouldn't say to girls.

I should not ask girls about sex. Talking about sex makes people feel uncomfortable. Also, sex is private. More private than going to the toilet. I shouldn't talk about going to the toilet in public and I shouldn't talk to people about sex. However, I can talk to my parents about sex when I have any questions.

I shouldn't talk to girls about their bodies. People feel uncomfortable talking about their bodies, especially the sexual parts o…

Bullying and Me

Bullying is when someone (the bully) does something to another person (the victim) to hurt him.

Bullying might be hurting physically (hurting the body--like hitting or tripping someone) or hurting emotionally (making fun of someone to hurt their feelings or making them afraid.)

Bullying is a way to control other people and makes the bully feel strong and powerful. It makes the victim feel powerless and afraid. Bullying is wrong no matter who does it. A bully can be someone you respect, even an adult, like a teacher.

Physical bullying is when someone hurts you to make you do what they want. Another way to physically bully someone is to take their things and break them or not give them back. Some people may accidentally break your things, and that is just an accident. But if they did it to hurt you on purpose, that is bullying.

Verbal bullying is using words to hurt someone. Making fun of the way you act or calling you stupid or retarded is bullying. A teacher can say “You didn’t …