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Words and Words

When Sam started acquiring unprompted language, through our careful programming, I wrote each one down in one of those blank books you get at Barnes and Nobles .  I started with 'ice cream' when he was around 3 and stopped when he got to word #300 at about age four.  It started with a trickle.  And turned, if not into a waterfall, into a (dare I say it) babbling brook.  I stopped when I realized I just couldn't keep up.

Nathan was never like that.

He has rarely had unprompted language.  Around age 10 we realized he had language stored in his brain.  Words he could read.  Words he could understand receptively.  Words he could use prompted (Do you want cheese sandwich or chicken?  Chicken.)  Words he could be prompted into using on Proloquo2Go - 'I want to eat...Chicken').

A few years ago we were in a craft store and he saw a restroom.  "Toilet!"  He had to go.  I was so hopeful.  But still he requires scheduled bathroom breaks to prevent soiling himself.