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Ultimate C(*&blocker

Yes, I went there.  Unfortunately, THERE is a lot of Life With Autism.

Last night my husband and I were all so romantic.  Kissing.  Even in front of the kids.  "Ew.  Stop that!"

Kissing all evening.  Then bed time for boys.  A beer.  Bed.  Kissing.


Telling us we were like an 11 on a 10 point scale?

No.  It's a stim.  Clapping so hard that he gets calluses on his hands.  That sometimes crack open.

THAT hard.

And laughing, hooting, singing, reciting at the top of his voice.  Definitely a romantic killer.

I went in with him.  Lots of hysterical laughter.  A fellow parent described it as not the happy laughter, but psychotic.  Like the Joker's laugh right before he blows up a building.

Then Sam complained he couldn't sleep (their rooms adjoin.)  I urged Nathan over and over to practice his calming techniques ('smell the flower, blow out the candle.)  A moment of peace.  Then more shouting and high pitched, loud laughter.

To my disgrace, I lost my shit.…