Worse than Autism?

There is a boy at one of the places that we commonly take Isaac. 

I don't like him.

He's difficult.  He can be hateful and rude.  He says and does things to hurt Isaac and other boys deliberately. 

He is the kind of kid about whom people say "He just needs a good whupping."  "Where was his mother when he did that?"  "If I had done that when I was a kid...."

His mom tries constantly to correct him.  She looks tired and discouraged.  She does all the right things.  She seems embarrassed and overwhelmed.

I'm pretty sure he has ODD. 

Like my boy, he is wired differently.

But unlike my boy, his mom can't say "He has autism."  He's not awkward.  He doesn't talk in that stilted way.  He's not in special ed. 

But he can't stop what he does without a lot of intervention.

But meanwhile he and his mom are constantly judged and found lacking.  Bad parenting.  Bad kid.  Bad genes.  Bad seed. 

Different wiring.  No understanding.

Pretty much sucks for them both.  But I can make a difference.  And it's time to start trying harder.

If it is to be, it is up to me.


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