Mom, Get Out of My Way

I am a fixer.  I am overbearing.  I have to hold myself back.  I am a pusher at the same time.  I think I always know how things might be better and tell people.  Especially my kids.

I get on my last fucking nerve.

And I get on my kids' nerves too.

And Sam told me off.


Sam was working on a paper the other day and asked a question.  I pulled out a sheet of paper to help him organize his thoughts.

"What is that for?"

I thought it might help.

"Put it back in your book, it's not for me."

But if you organize your thoughts it will be easier.

"Mom, leave me alone I'm doing my homework."

I'm just trying to help.

"Why don't you just stop and be quiet!"  (He really got quite hateful and hurtful at this point.)

You really hurt my feelings and I don't like that.

Time went by.

"Mom, I just want to do this independently."

Sam, I am so proud of you.  Thank you for telling me that.


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