Avaz: Terrific Communication App for iPad

I was given a month's use of Avaz for the iPad to trial and blog about.

We have used Proloquo2Go for over a year now, so I'll compare it to that, since that is what I know.

I thought it was pretty terrific overall.  Very easy to use.  Just the right number of bells and whistles but not so many that you get lost.


   1. Cost.  At $99 it's almost half the cost of Proloquo2Go.  While it's more than others, I think it's much more useful and powerful than most of the entry level AAC apps.  If you are truly in the market for an AAC app for the iPad, I think this is an excellent one to get. If you are just getting your feet wet, perhaps a cheapo one is a good place to start.  When you move up, consider this one.

   2. Ease of use.  It's easy.  It's REALLY easy to use.  I was able to talk my oldest boy through configuring it just hours after I first used the app.  It really is THAT easy.

   3. It's powerful.  You can use words, pics or the cartoons pictures in the data base.  You can set up folders, just like in Proloquo2Go to expand your child's length of utterance (make their sentences longer) and divide up the options so the page is not so cluttered.  You can move up from single word requests to complex sentences.

   4. The word prediction in the keyboard function is pretty dang good.  I love that we can use both the pictures and the keyboard.  Some days are better than others.  For the hard days, sometimes we need to fall back on pics.


   1. It only works for iPad.  Really, this is my main complaint.  I really love this app, and if it worked on the iPhone/iPod I would use it only.  I would use it because it IS simpler than Proloquo2Go.  I love that.  I don't need all the bells and whistles of Proloquo2Go that seem more designed for a speech therapist than for day to day communication.

  2. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles.  Perhaps you are an SLP and you want all that stuff.  Go for it!

Overall a terrific, adaptable, malleable app!  I highly recommend it. 


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