I'm Getting Angry Now

As an activist for many causes - feminism, people with disabilities, GLBT equality, and adequate medical care for all - it never fails to raise my blood pressure when people say "See!  You're getting angry again.  How can we resolve this if you keep getting angry."

But, you know what?  Anger is a cue that something is going wrong.

And it may not be with wrong with you.

When people are getting fucked over.  If YOU are getting fucked over.  If your child or loved one is getting fucked over.  You get angry.  And you should.

And you should NOT calm down just because those who have the power are telling you to.

You can calm down when wrongs are righted.  When people's rights are not being trampled.  When people are not being fucked over.

You need to call a congressperson.  You need to schedule a sit down with a teacher.  You need to send money to a cause.  You need to put in sweat equity.

You NEED to stop sitting on your duff letting things that make you angry keep happening.

Let your anger be the dynamite that gets you off your ass and acting.  Then let your common sense direct you down the most effective path.

Let your anger fuel your desire to right the wrongs that your loving heart knows are there.

Then let the love that resides in your heart show you the right path to correct them.

Not everything can or will be resolved with anger.  But you need to let your anger be your cue that something needs to be fixed.  You need to act.  Don't wait.  Don't miss your chance to be the change that the world needs.


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