Sleep and Mood

Last week I had a number of positive sounding blogs.  In fact, I was starting to annoy myself and sound repetitive.

Then Nathan went on a corrective course to fix that.

Saturday he stayed up until 1 am, Sunday until 3am.  Monday he went to bed on time and woke up before 4am.

This course of awesomeness is correspondingly increasing my negative outlook.

First, I'm dang tired.  Last night, I went to sleep early (for me) but when he wakes up, even though my husband is the first to get up with him (which I know generates a wave of jealousy and hostility from 90% of the moms out there) I can't go back to sleep.  I can hear him singing, yelling, thumping his chest.  If they come downstairs our room is right over the television and it's an old house.  We've pulled up the carpeting.  Sound travels easily.  And I feel bad for Paul, so I set my timer for about 1/2 the time I know we have until everyone has to get up.  It always looks like an inadequate nap time.

Second, this is how he started last year when he had his descent into the inner circles of hell.  Even though he doesn't have a lot of irritability, one has to wonders doesn't one?  And being sleep deprived makes one more susceptible to wondering.

Last week was a morass of unawesomeness at work.  People pissed off at me left and right, meltdowns for various reasons from our customers.

And now unawesomeness at home. 

Positive correlation identified.


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