Awesome News! My Kid Vomited

THE most awesome thing happened today.  Nathan threw up.

Opposite day right?  Or I missed the Sarcasm Font (that's right after Helvitica and right before Times.  I'm afraid blogger is not replete with fonts.)

No, really.  Although it wasn't so much the throwing up, it was how he threw up.

First you have understand the history of Nathan vomiting as it applies to us.

Nathan is a vomiter.  Not one of those voluntary vomiters (thank you FSM) who vomits 10 times a day to get out of unwelcome tasks (he just says "Noooooo-ooooo" in this sing song voice that Paul and I use on each other to be annoying.)  He has horrendous car sickness.  He has been known to vomit while driving on straight interstate.  It is not helped that when he starts to feel bad he leans his head on the door and stares out the side window.

And whenever you suggest that vomiting into a container, rather than all over the upholstery would be great,  "Noooooo-ooooo" rings out.  In fact, when he got air sick in the plane this summer I yanked out the white bag and told him he had to use it.  "Noooooo-ooooo".  At which point I told him that it was a stone clad rule that you have to throw up in white bags, and only white, when on the airplane.  

The bloody vomit from his post op dental surgery still stains my Subaru.  Did you know that the smell of bloody vomit lingers even longer than regular vomit in cars?

SO.  Nathan vomited today.  And it was different.

He started coughing.  We know this cough and when we hear it in the car we begin to sweat and frantically look for 1. A bag, and 2. A place to pull over.

But he stood up and began to amble toward the bathroom.  Then:  He raised the lid. 

And then?  He vomited towards the toilet.  

I know right?  The only more awesome thing he could have done was vomit INTO the toilet.  But you know that's gravy.

Not only that, he wasn't eating much today before barfing.  But when Paul would ask him if he wanted something he would say...(wait for it)..."I'm not hungry."

You were going to say "Noooooo-ooooo" weren't you?  Well so was I when I heard the story.  But no, my boy talked about an internal event.

And tomorrow he will be twelve.  

I hope this whole vomit thing is over with for the party.  No sarcasm there.


  1. Little achivements make us so happy and proud, isn't it?

  2. Hmmm, I try not to think about vomit too much... makes me feel a little queasy! Happy Birthday for tomorrow.


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