ASD, PDD, SPD, ODD, NVLD, OCD....I Ain't got time for all that shit

In some of the boards I (used to) follow ('used to' because it's all Facebook now), it seemed strange to me that people would list their kids after their name.  And list EVERY SINGLE diagnosis in the family.  It felt like it was a points based system and the more initials your kid had after their name, the further ahead you got in the game.

So you would see:

Emily (9) OCD, MD, SPD (major depression), gifted, severe nut allergy
Johnny (7) ASD, ODD, SPD, bipolar verbal
Mikey (5) NVLD, OCD, SPD, sensitive to gluten
Ellie (3) PDD-NOS,SPD, seizures, asthma, multiple food allergies
Mary (35) Depression, Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure
Duane (36) Aspie (undiagnosed), SPD, high cholesterol

And I was like, 'Dude, it's just about potty training.  There aren't points counted on just another potty training comment.'

Besides which, I win!  I mean, right?  I got three on spectrum.  I won the game.

But really, that other stuff?  It's the go-along stuff.  SPD, OCD - they're the stuff that tags along with the ASD diagnosis.  Sometimes a lot worse than others, I grant you.

Now the seizure and bipolar, yes, I grant extra points for that. And an extra point for life-threatening allergies.  But not food sensitivities.  Ya' gotta draw the line somewhere.

But listing them every time!  It felt like people only thought of their kids as a compilation of their diagnoses.  And also like they were playing the "I got the suckiest hand in the game of life" card.

And here I am, thinking 'We all got the sucky hand.  Nobody hangs out on this list because it's the 'happening' place to be.'

But seriously, isn't it a little weird to think of every diagnosis your kid has every time you chat?  Even if you aren't talking about them?  Are you looking at little Joey and thinking "PDD, gluten sensitive, SPD, asthma" every time you look at him?   Or do you look at him and think "stubborn little nut who loves Thomas" and smile?  Do you think "we need to get another 30 min of sensory therapy" or do you think "let's walk down and check the tadpoles in the pond."

There is SO MUCH MORE to life than our kids' diagnoses.  You do get wrapped up in them at first.  But then you need to unwind yourself some.  Your kid is absorbing so much more than you'll know for a long long time.  And you are wasting summer, staying indoors and thinking about a way to get vestibular stimulation exercises.

When you could be out at the park, swinging and on the merry-go-round.


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