When Adults are WRONG

Sometimes adults are wrong.

Or, I think they are wrong.

This can be upsetting.

If this happens in class, I often have a hard time moving on in the class.  My body and mind get stuck on the mistake.

But getting upset in class is rude and it keeps me from learning.

It is important that I follow a few rules when people make mistakes.

First, I must decide if it is important to the topic being discussed RIGHT NOW.  If it is not important to what we are discussing RIGHT NOW, I will wait until after class to tell the teacher.  For example, if the teacher says "Sam has sisters."  But now we are talking about George Washington, I will wait until after class.  But if the teacher says "George Washington was born in 1986" I know this is important to what we are discussing.

Second, if it is part of what we are discussing, I will raise my hand.  When I am called on, I can say ONE TIME "I think you might be mistaken.  I think that (insert correct information here.)"

Third, whether or not the teacher agrees with me, I will not bring it up again in class.  If I think it is important, when I get home, I will look up the information on the computer and write a paragraph about the correct information.  Sometimes I will be right.  But sometimes I will be wrong.  This way I can teach myself, and perhaps I can give the teacher the information also. 

If I follow these rules, I can keep from being rude in class.  And I can teach myself and my teacher correct information.

If I know that there are steps I can follow, I can keep from getting upset.

And I can keep learning.


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