Private Parts are Private

I have body parts that everyone sees.  Everyone sees my face and hands all the time.  I use my face and hands to communicate.  I communicate when I talk.  I communicate when I smile or frown or use other facial expressions.  I use my hands and arms for many things.  I write, operate my games, draw, put on my clothes and do many other things every day with my hands.  When I wear shorts, people can see my legs also.

Some body parts are only for certain places.  I only take off my shirt at the pool.  Otherwise, people don’t see my chest.  Girls never show their chests.  

I have body parts that are only for me or my doctor to see.  My penis and butt are private body parts.  I never show these in public.  I use my penis and butt to go to the bathroom.  As my body matures, I enjoy touching my penis as well.  But I can ONLY do these things in the bathroom and my bedroom when no one else is there.

Sometimes I think it would be funny to show other people my private body parts.  But this is rude.  It is also illegal.  If I show my private parts in public, I could get in a lot of trouble.  I will definitely lose privileges, like electronics, at home.  But I may also be suspended from school, which means I would not be allowed to go to school or classes until my punishment was up.  If the police are called, my parents and I would have to talk to the police officers and even a judge to find out if I would need more punishment.

Friends might tell me this would be funny to do.  But people like that are not my friends, because they really know that I could get into big trouble.  People who would cause me to get into trouble are bullies who are not my friends.

I will try to remember that private parts are for private areas only.  I will not show my penis or butt at school or in any public areas ever. 


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