I touch my penis for different reaons. I touch it when I pee and when I wipe it off. I touch it when I take a bath.

If I rub my penis to make it feel good, that is called masturbation. Sometimes when i masturbate, white sticky stuff comes out of my penis. That is called ejaculation.

Masturbation is normal and nearly everyone does it. It is alright to mastubate. But there are rules.

1.  Mastubation is private. I should only do it in my bedroom or in the bathtub.  When I touch my penis, that is something I keep others from seeing by doing it in a room by myself.

2.  I try to keep my clothes and other things from getting messy from the sticky stuff called ejaculate.  I can use a tissue or a washcloth to catch the ejaculate that comes out. If I have pants and underwear on, I take them off before I ejaculate.  After I ejaculate I put the tissue in the trash or the washcloth in the laundry. 

3.  Masturbation should only be done once or twice a day.  I should not spend a lot of time doing it.  I can mastubate, clean up and get my clothes on quickly.  Then I can do other things.

Mastubation is normal and it feels good.  I can follow these rules and enjoy it.


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