That Parking Space is for

Our middle son has autism and bipolar.  He is fully able bodied.  But when things are bad for him (and this can last months) he is a danger in the parking lot if he bolts.  We got a permit for this reason.  We've never used it.  But I worry that someone who would never give two shits to hold a door for a disabled person will take it upon themselves to remind me what real disability is-the inability to see humanity in others.


  1. We have one for similar reasons and we have used it. The hard part is it is very unpredictable- sometimes we use the pass and my son ended up coping well. Other days we have chosen not to, and then regretted being so far away from our car during a meltdown. I often have both of my children with me, and this adds a whole new element. We have had comments- the one that bothered me the most was from a relative who has witnessed the bolting, or the kicking/scratching and laying down in the middle of wherever with total disregard to safety. When my hands are full of items and my son is having a meltdown, I am thankful I can leave him where he is quickly, go to the car to empty my hands, and then be able to return to him while keeping him in sight so I can help. I would gladly give up that placard if it meant my son didn't have these difficulties to overcome. This is a good reminder for people to keep an open mind and assume good intentions.


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