About Isaac

Each week the kindergartners take it in turn to be "Star Student" and are featured all week. This week is Isaac's turn. Monday he took in 3 favorite things. Tuesday he took in a favorite book to be read. Tomorrow we get to eat lunch with him. Today we wrote a letter about what makes Isaac special in our eyes. Here is what I wrote.


Isaac is our third son. He is very different from his brothers.

Isaac loves Legos. He is very good at following the directions and making what comes in the box. But what he loves most is making his own creations. Mostly he likes to make rockets, boats and other vehicles. There are Legos everywhere in our house! In the cupboards with the cans of food, on top of the refrigerator and in the bathroom.

Isaac loves sea creatures. He loves to see them at the aquarium. He likes to read about them and he likes to watch videos to learn about them. He likes them so much that his favorite stuffed animals are his squid, manta ray and baby penguin. Mostly he sleeps with Fungee, his penguin.

Isaac loves our dog, Ghost. Ghost is a big white dog. They like to play chase in our house. Isaac likes to feed Ghost. But he doesn’t like how the dog food smells. Isaac holds his nose when he feeds Ghost.

Isaac loves his Grandmother Blackmon. They like going shopping and out to eat together. They like to go to the auction at the mall and bid on boxes of toys. Sometimes he gets to sleep over at her house.

Isaac loves our friend, Dani. She comes to our house and they play Legos together. He likes to run into her arms and have Dani throw him up high in the air. She is a lot of fun. She taught us that “nature stays in nature.” So Isaac knows it’s important to leave rocks and sticks in the woods when he finds them.

Isaac has two brothers, Sam and Nathan. Sam will turn 14 next week. He and Isaac like to watch videos together. They also tease each other and sometimes fight! They share a bunkbed. Sam sleeps on top and Isaac sleeps on the bottom. Just like Sam, Isaac likes to draw. Nathan is 11. His birthday is only 3 weeks after Isaac’s. Nathan has trouble talking and being in control sometimes because of his autism. Nathan and Isaac both like gummy candy a lot.

On days when he doesn’t have school, Isaac likes to come in mom and dad’s room and snuggle in bed and giggle and tickle.


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