A Social Story on the Fly

Recently I took Nathan to a psychologist to see if we can get more help for his problem behaviors. Unfortunately, hearing us talk (or even seeing what I write) about his behaviors really upsets him and creates more irritability and behaviors. So I wanted to let him know that I was going to talk about them, but that we were doing it to try to find a solution. I whipped it up on my iPhone while we were in the waiting room, so there are some typos.

You know, it worked! He got a little upset, but nothing like in the past. And when he did, I reminded him why we were there and about the story. He was able to calm down.

Talking About the Bad Times

Sometimes I feel very mad or sad. These can be very hard times. I have trouble controlling myself.

That is why I am at the doctor today. The doctor will help me and mom and dad learn to stop those bad feelings. So I don't have to feel so sad or mad.

Mom and the doctor will talk about the very hard times I have had. Like when I bite myself. And when I can't stop screaming and crying

It upsets me to hear about them. But it can make me happier to know that they have to talk about them so they can figure out how to help me get better and be happier.


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