Who are these People Going to Autism Fundraisers?

I see these pictures of people attending lavish galas with celebrities. Champagne flowing. Wonderful foods. At least pictures of these things.

And I wonder, who are these people?

They must not be parents. Because parents of kids with autism are at home with their kids. Most of ones I know don't have people to help watch them while they galavant. They spend most of their money to buy them things they hope will help them. Saving up $400 for an iPad to help their nonverbal child communicate is a huge extravagance to many of the parents I know. Buying a fancy dress or suit and jetting off to NYC is not on their radar.

So I wonder who ARE those people in those pictures with the celebrities?

Are they researchers? Most of the scientists I know are not in the wage bracket that can buy a $500/plate ticket. They aren't very comfortable in suits.

So who is buying those plates? And dresses? And who has the time to be there?

They aren't teachers of these kids. I'm snickering just at the thought of them buying the plate on their salary.

So who are these people?

And how many iPads would that lavish ball buy?

And how many more teachers could we pay?

And how much more research could be funded?

For what that lavish ball cost.


  1. Precisely - well said! And I have absolutely no idea who they are either!


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