What to Expect From Autism - The Unexpected

There are lots of things you expect from autism.

You expect difficulty making friends.  Sensory issues.  Eating problems.  Not sleeping.  Late talking.

There are books written about the common symptoms of autism.

But, we're getting outside the common blog topics and chapter headings now.

What about deciding that hard rock is THE new obsession.  AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd.  Not that I mind!  I'm cool as long as Justin Bieber is not among the purchases.  We could have Sam write the Encyclopedia of Rock history, chapter one.

Strangest ways to make money:
  - Selling raw products to Ikea.  Frankly, cotton will not grow well in Pennsylvania.  I know, I made him research the latitude and conditions at which it grows.  Did you think that all those flat boxes are made in Sweden?  Most products are outsourced to third world countries to save money.  I made him look that up as well.
  - Copying all those hard rock albums onto reel-to-reel tapes and reselling them.  Ignoring the fact that it is unlikely that reel-to-reel is going to make a big comeback, the copyrights will be a bitch to get permission on.
  - Selling water to Ikea.  Huh?
  - Becoming a rock star.  And his girlfriend will be his back up.  He doesn't play guitar.  He doesn't have a girlfriend.  Details, details.

Joining Al Quaida in 4 years.  Not because Al Quaida is good, but because he read their long range plan on Wikipedia and they predict that America will fall into chaos by 2020 because of our colonialism and they will take over.  I suppose it will be like signing up for the draft, it just happens.  However, walking up to people and telling them you are going to join Al Quaida goes over like a a lead balloon.  Or a Led Zeppelin.

Fighting gangs and terrorists by infiltrating them.  Autism should make that infiltration thing easy peasy.

Just a small sample.  I make him research each of these, because just telling him that these are crazy ideas does nothing.  He has to have reasons.  He's getting quite the eclectic education.


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