My kid did that!

Irritating thing neurotypical parents say #58 "My kid used to do that!"

This is supposed to make me feel better? My kid wets himself, "My kid used to do that!" My kid disappears from our yard, "My kid used to do that!" My kid screams The Who songs at the top of his voice in a restaurant, "My kid used to do that!" My kid wanders into a neighbors house, gets naked and starts to climb in their tub...yeah, you know that answer.

The thing is. The thing IS. Their kid was 3 when they did it and my kid is 11.

And that phrase is supposed to make me feel better?

My kid has been doing those things for 11 years. When did your kid stop that? Was he doing it at 7, 8 or 10? Yeah, I thought not.

So I really think it is time to shut the hell up about your kid. Unless, your kid is autistic or DD. If that is true, then honey, come sit next to me and we'll compare stories. Because nothing is better than hearing from someone who's been there. And nothing is worse than pretending you know what I'm going through.

Other than, of course, having someone who has no clue what I'm going through sitting there judging me about what my kid is doing and how I'm handling it. And for those people, let me tell you, bring it on, I'm pissy already.


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