Pile It On a Little Higher

In my life I have heard thousands of variations of "I've got it so bad." I've offered up, and invented, a few of mine own. It's healthy to grouse and complain a little. Kvetch, whatever you call it.

Where it gets out of hand is when you start believing "no one has it worse" in your heart of hearts. I suppose, theoretically, there is someone, somewhere in the world, who is THE Worst Case Scenario. But it isn't me, and it isn't you. When you believe that, even a little, you start to defeat your own self. You start to live on the Pity Planet where nothing ever gets better, and no one REALLY understands you. Where there is no sense seeking help, because no one really cares anyway. Where you spend your whole day in bed, because why bother to get up and face the world where no one understands how much you go through every day.

Some days I have more energy and more willpower, and some days less. Some days I'm a great parent, and some days I'm less than I want to be. But I don't have it the worst, and I do have the energy to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Because someone, somewhere, doesn't have MY energy, MY drive, MY resources, MY desire to help myself and my kids.


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